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  • Barry Overeem

    Barry Overeem

    Co-founder The Liberators

  • Fabian Hinsenkamp

    Fabian Hinsenkamp

    SSE @Microsoft. I demystify the coding interview and help other engineers to leap into a FAANG career!

  • Doug Foo

    Doug Foo

    Tech Manager by Day, ML Hacker by Night — founder: foostack.ai

  • Thomas Guibert

    Thomas Guibert

    Hey! I’m Thomas, a french guy living in Stockholm. Fullstack JavaScript developer, I write about programming and developer’s lifestyle.

  • Node.js


    Node.js is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform. https://nodejs.org/en/

  • Peter


  • Yacob Cohen-Arazi

    Yacob Cohen-Arazi

  • Harvard Business Review

    Harvard Business Review

    The latest from Harvard Business Review Press.

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