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A simple guide to essential modern JavaScript

Photo by Eric & Niklas on Unsplash

JavaScript libraries/frameworks like React or Vue are ruling the web development world. But to truly appreciate their power, you must have a good understanding and command of certain modern JavaScript concepts.

If you know JavaScript but haven't yet worked with ES6 or any other modern version of JavaScript, then jumping…

Amazon Web Services

Part 1 of cloud fundamentals with AWS

Image by author

This is Part 1 of the Cloud fundamentals with AWS series.

So you’ve heard enough about the benefits of the cloud, like unlimited computing power, security and unlimited storage. You are eager to jump in and try it out.

Maybe you are working on a big enterprise application with thousands…

Master the Terminal to be a productive developer

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Being a developer means spending an awful lot of time in the terminal, especially Linux based terminal. You may fear this minimal dark text window, but it is your most potent ally to be a productive developer.

Terminals (a.k.a Console a.k.a command prompt) can be found everywhere. You find them…

“But it’ll only take 2 minutes”

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

It’s a hopeful Friday afternoon on a busy week. You are furiously crunching code to push that last feature out and call it a weekend. But then it happens!… The dreaded shoulder tap and the eerie voice speaks: “Hey, buddy…about that drop-down list on the products page, Can you make…

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